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Los Angeles Police Department Vehicle Robbery/Carjacking Prevention Month Circular

NCJ Number
Date Published
March 2001
6 pages
The purpose of this circular is to standardize "vehicle robbery/carjacking" prevention information presented by the Los Angeles Police Department at community crime prevention meetings.
The circular first summarizes the provisions of Federal and California law pertinent to the crime of "carjacking," which involves taking a vehicle from a driver by force or the threat of force. In listing measures for preventing carjacking, the circular advises that the attitude a driver conveys while in or approaching his/her vehicle can have a deterrent effect on potential attackers. Perpetrators use specific criteria in selecting their victims or targets. They focus on people who are unaware or unprepared. Among the prevention strategies recommended are to drive, when possible, in the lane nearest the center of the road; when stopped in traffic, leave sufficient space to maneuver around the vehicle in front if approached by a threatening person; do not park next to vans or other high profile vehicles that could conceal a suspect; if the driver of a vehicle with no markings motions to pull over to the side of the road, do not comply; if followed by another vehicle do not drive home, but rather to the nearest police or fire station; and do not remain in a vehicle with the carjacker (a preferred method is to lie on the ground to discourage the carjacker from a kidnapping). Recommendations for preventing a vehicle robbery are also listed. Among these are to keep vehicle doors locked and windows up; keep valuables out of sight; park in well-lighted areas; park in the open; and walk with purpose and stay alert.


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