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Making Hope Happen: Transforming Juveniles Through Successful Transition

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Date Published
June 2014
42 pages

This is a description of the components and activities of Maricopa County's (Arizona) program entitled Transforming Juveniles Through Successful Transition (TJST), which is a structured program that supports youth in their transition from secure care into an effective comprehensive development program in the community.


TJST is a collaboration initiated by the Maricopa County Education Service Agency (MCESA) and partners in the domains of corrections, law enforcement, and education services. TJST's mission is to increase the number of juveniles who successfully reintegrate into the community through coordinated transition support, so as to reduce recidivism. The key program personnel are "transition facilitators," who are the coaches/mentors/caring adults who work with the youth and their families in implementing TJST's mission. TJST focuses on implementing the risk, needs, responsivity (RNR) model. A risk assessment identifies factors within the individual or his/her environment associated with delinquent activity. The identification of criminogenic needs focuses on factors linked to criminal behavior that are to be addressed in programs and services. Responsivity refers to the tailoring of programs and services to address identified criminogenic risk and needs. In the development of these strategies and programs, TJST identifies and develops programs that have stood the test of quality evaluations that have shown they achieve the outcomes intended if implemented properly. Activities emphasized in TJST implementation are engaging youth and families in transformation, the increase doses and duration of services, increased connections with community and school partners, increased community awareness and mobilization, and the creation of conditions for youth and family success. Data reports are also emphasized in tracking activities and outcomes. Extensive figures