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Man With Gun Calls: An Analysis of Officers Killed

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This training videotape depicts and describes the dangers that police officers experience when responding to calls about a person with a gun and recommends techniques and tactics to prevent being killed or injured.
The information is based on FBI data compiled over a 8-year period and covering all cases involving law enforcement officers killed while answering calls about a person with a gun. The analysis revealed that the most dangerous time during such a call is early in the event. Twenty-four percent of the police officers were shot while approaching the scene; another 12 percent were killed while leaving their police vehicles. Forty-five percent of the police were killed before making any contact with the suspect. Other times of high danger were when making initial contact with the suspect and when handling situations involving barricaded suspects. The videotape advises police to watch for suspicious people when approaching the scene, to park out of sight, to approach using cover, to scrutinize the entire area carefully, to encounter armed people from cover, and to maintain good cover. Printed synopsis, statistical summary, instructions to trainers, questions, and discussion topics