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Management Reports on the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services - Office of Planning and Program Assistance

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181 pages
Findings and recommendations are presented from an examination of the management and operations of the Office of Planning and Program Assistance (OPPA) of the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services.
The recommended staffing and organization for OPPA is based on the assumption that Federal funding would continue at fiscal 1980 levels. A detailed report presents a management assessment and documentation of procedures for the following units of OPPA: (1) planning, (2) research and evaluation, (3) law enforcement, (4) information systems, (5) corrections and probation, (6) juvenile justice, (7) mobile radio district, (8) counsel technical: adjudicatory, (9) monitoring and auditing, (10) central services, and (11) counsel. Background information on each unit covers purpose of the unit; work force; source of funds; special mandates and priorities; workload; sources of work; files and records; major reports and distribution; and space, facilities, and equipment. Analysis and recommendations for each unit cover analysis of the impact of the 1979 Justice System Improvement Act, organization, and procedures. Subsequent to the preparation of the report assuming continuation of current funding levels, it was found that no new LEAA bloc grants for criminal justice planning agencies or programs (outside of juvenile justice) will be awarded after October 1, 1980. A wind-down staffing plan is included which recommends when and where staffing reductions should be made.