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Manual for Polygraph School Inspections

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This manual presents the forms and procedures to be used in association with inspections of polygraph schools to determine if they meet the American Polygraph Association's (APA's) minimum standards for accreditation.
It is the objective of the APA and its Committee on Standards and Ethics to promote professionalism by granting accreditation status to those polygraph training facilities that meet its standards. As part of this program of accreditation, the APA has established a certification program for school inspectors to be administered by regional directors. This program is designed to ensure familiarity with the standards and to provide guidelines for conducting inspections and reporting inspection results to regional directors and subsequently to the Committee on Standards and Ethics and the APA board of directors. This manual provides an application for accreditation to be completed by the school, as well as forms indicating the intent to comply with the standards and an agreement of inspection and release. Minimum standards for the accreditation of a polygraph school are also included. The description of inspection procedures includes guidelines for the initial contact; evaluations of faculty, curriculum, internship program, and facilities; and student interviews. Guidance on the preparation of inspection reports is also given. A checklist for inspections is provided along with APA standards and principles of practice, constitution, and bylaws. The names and addresses of APA persons involved in the inspection and accreditation process are included.