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Memphis, Tennessee, Police Department's Crisis Intervention Team

NCJ Number
Betsy Vickers
Date Published
July 2000
11 pages
This report describes the Memphis, TN, Police Department’s Crisis Intervention Team (CIT).
The goals of the Memphis CIT are to provide immediate response to and management of situations where the mentally ill are in a state of crisis; prevent, reduce, or eliminate injury to both the consumer and the responding police officer; find appropriate care for the consumer; and establish a treatment program that reduces recidivism. Members of the program include families of the mentally ill, law enforcement agencies, emergency medical/psychiatric services, regional short- and long-term receiving hospitals, and the consumers themselves. Police officers who are members of the CIT are regular patrol officers who have received an intensive 40-hour training program on how to respond to the mentally ill in crisis. The document describes typical CIT members from each group and their roles in CIT activities. It also describes when and how weapons might be used, effects of the program, criticisms and new initiatives. It includes organizations to contact for more information about the CIT program.