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Metal-Tec 1400: Silent-Vibrating Metal/Weapons Detector Designed by Cops for Cops

NCJ Number
Law Enforcement Trainer Volume: 16 Issue: 4 Dated: July/August 2001 Pages: 28-29,31
Eugene Nielsen
Frank A. Hackett
Date Published
August 2001
3 pages
This article describes the METAL-TEC 1400, a new metal/weapons detector designed to be used by law enforcement to assist in locating metal objects that may otherwise have been overlooked or have gone undetected.
The METAL-TEC 1400 was designed for cops by cops and is currently manufactured in the United States. It is the first hand-held metal/weapons detector specifically designed to be used by police officers during Terry pat downs and searches of suspects. It has the ability to locate metal objects that may otherwise have gone undetected. The METAL-TEC silently vibrates to avoid alerting the suspect giving the officer a tactical advantage. It is one of the smallest and most practical metal/weapons detectors from a law enforcement perspective, and a false reading from the METAL-TEC is practically non-existent. The METAL-TEC has a triaxial detection field which means it can detect simultaneously from any direction relative to the narrow end. This allows the officer to quickly search the suspect without having to change the orientation of the unit. The unit will detect all metals, and the distance at which it detects objects is based primarily on the size or mass of the metal. With practice and training the METAL-TEC can assist in determining the threat level of a concealed object, based upon the objects size and vibration signature. The METAL-TEC was designed with the needs of street cops in mind, and it is a practical hand-held metal/weapons detector for general law enforcement use.