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Methamphetamine: Trail of Violence (video)

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This video discusses the levels of danger of Methamphetamine.
This 18 minute video provides an overview of the Methamphetamine epidemic in this country while introducing the viewer to the dangers of clandestine labs for law enforcement officers. Some statistics are stated throughout the presentation of information, including: that between 1992 and 1996 there has been a 300 percent increase in methamphetamine deaths across the nation; a 40 percent increase in meth-related homicides; and that women are the fastest growing group of addicts. Methamphetamine is cheaper than cocaine and more addictive than crack. It has a violent history starting with outlaw motorcycle organizations who were the primary manufacturers and distributors. Although bikers are still involved today, it's the highly organized and extremely violent Mexican crime organizations that now are predominantly in control of the methamphetamine business. There are several distinct dangers for those who come into contact with methamphetamine which leaves a trail of violence across America, from domestic violence, child abuse and neglect, to addiction, to homicides, and to overflowing prisons. Included in the presentation is a scenario that depicts a DEA tactical team busting a clandestine lab, showing booby-traps and other evidence destroying devices that can present danger to the agents on entry as well as to the community in which they reside.