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220 pages
This loose-leaf volume presents the text of Minnesota's criminal code, including changes in the law enacted by the 1992 legislature.
This codification is not official, and certain changes may be made by the reviser of statutes in the official version of the 1992 statutes. In the text, statutes that were added are labeled "new" and amended statutes are labeled "amended." Subjects covered in major sections include general principles, sentences, anticipatory crimes, homicide and suicide, crimes against the person, crimes against unborn children, crimes of compulsion, sex crimes, crimes against the family, crimes against the government, crimes affecting public officers or employees, and crimes against the administration of justice. Other sections cover theft and related crimes, property damage or trespassing, forgery and related crimes, crimes against public safety and health, public misconduct or nuisance, gambling, crimes against reputation, crimes relating to communications, crimes relating to a business, crimes against commerce, and miscellaneous crimes.


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