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Mobile Tactical Trainers

NCJ Number
Law Enforcement Technology Volume: 33 Issue: 8 Dated: August 2006 Pages: 116,118,120
Sam Simon
Date Published
August 2006
4 pages
This article explains the features of the Mobile Tactical Trainer (MTT) manufactured by Anteon, and how it can be used to prepare and train law enforcement officers for a variety of operations.
The MTT is a standard 40-foot shipping container modified by the vendor to become a building with doors, windows, stairs, and interior walls. The walls inside the container can be repositioned for various interior designs. Anteon installs integrated instrumentation in the containers. This instrumentation includes speakers that project a variety of sounds likely to be heard at an actual scene. A smell machine is also available for simulating various aromas at a particular scene. The integrated components are controlled by an operator as the trainees work through the simulated scene. All of the action inside and outside the container is recorded for the purpose of after-action review. Trainees can go into an audiovisual theater, also available from Anteon, to watch themselves in the performance of the training exercise. The MTT is suitable for training in techniques for clearing a building, countering an active shooter, the rescue of hostages, undercover drug/sting operations, dismantling a meth lab, and tactical or specialty team rehearsals. Since the MTT is mobile, a number of container units can be moved and placed in a variety of designs to simulate the design of various types of facilities, little effort is required to prepare a site for the MTT.