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Juvenile Victims of Violent Crime in Alabama 2007

NCJ Number
Date Published
May 2008
8 pages

This report presents data on violent crimes committed against juveniles (17 years old and younger) in Alabama in 2007, based on data from the State's Uniform Crime Reports.


Of the 19,808 violent offenses reported in 2007, 11 percent of the victims were juveniles (n = 2,170). There were 28 juvenile homicide victims, 588 juvenile rape victims, 299 juvenile robbery victims, and 1,255 juvenile victims of aggravated assault. Forty-seven percent of the juvenile victims of violent crimes were male, and 53 percent were females. Fifty-seven percent of the victims were Black, and 43 percent were White. A firearm was the weapon used in 23 percent of the offenses; hands, fists, or feet were used as a weapon in 54 percent of the offenses against juveniles, and a knife was used in 7 percent of the offenses; other dangerous weapons were used in 16 percent of the offenses. Thirty-eight percent of the victims were injured by the offenses; 18 percent with a firearm; 7 percent with a knife; 53 percent with fists, feet, or hands; and 23 percent with other dangerous weapons. Sixty-nine percent of the juvenile victims were acquainted with or related to the offender; 9 percent of the offenders were strangers to the victims; and the offenders were unknown in 22 percent of the offenses. The offender was another juvenile in 27 percent of the offenses. Fifty-four percent of the offenses occurred at a residence; 18 percent occurred on a street; 6 percent occurred at a school; 5 percent occurred in a parking lot; and 18 percent occurred in other locations. Detailed data are provided for each type of violent offense against a juvenile. Extensive tables and figures