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NACRO Criminal Justice Digest

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NACRO Criminal Justice Digest Dated: (April 1993) Pages: complete issue
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32 pages
The National Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders (NACRO) keeps track of prison statistics and developments in England and Wales, crime and offender statistics, sentencing, and juvenile offenders and facilities.
The April 1993 NACRO Criminal Justice Digest provides information on the Prison Service, prison education, prison disturbances, the prison ombudsman's role in considering inmate grievances, life sentence prisoners, mental health treatment of inmates, secure training centers for juveniles, trends in juvenile crime and punishment, links between car crime and young people, social circumstances of young offenders, and bail. Criminal statistics for England and Wales in 1991 indicate that 10,000 offenses per 100,000 population were recorded, 78 percent more than in 1981; 517,500 people were cautioned or found guilty of indictable offenses, compared to 509,100 in 1990. Of the 517,500 offenders, 47 percent committed theft and 16 percent committed violent and sexual offenses. A total of 336,000 people were sentenced for indictable offenses, 2 percent less than in 1990. Statistics are also provided on mentally disordered offenders, sentencing, offenses, the prison population, prisons, and reconvictions. Consideration is given to such correctional issues as time on remand, secure facility costs, prisoner complaints, female prisoners, mentally disordered offenders on probation, juvenile offender cautioning, deaths in custody, female judges, and prison assaults.