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Narc Ops: A Look Inside Drug Enforcement

NCJ Number
Greg Ferency
Date Published
256 pages
The author, who is a member of the Vigo County Drug Task Force (Indiana), describes how drug law enforcement officers do their work from inside the drug culture.
The book addresses how those involved in drug enforcement have adapted to the changing drug world. It explores the nature and functions of a drug unit and informs the reader about the various types of drugs being used and abused on the streets, as well as their effects on the user and the larger community. Attention is given to undercover work and related issues, including the processing of cases after arrest and the courtroom testimony of investigating officers. The author profiles the people involved in the drug culture as well as the characteristics of the drug culture itself. The drug culture described is a mix of all who are involved in the distribution, ingestion, and financing of illicit drugs. The larger drug culture is divided into smaller subcultures, as certain types of drugs attract a certain type of dealer and user. The drug culture is fueled by the greed of the dealer and the hunger of the user for the effects of the drug purchased from the dealer. Some of the material in the book focuses on the author's own experiences in his work with the Terre Haute Police Department (Indiana) and specifically his work with the Vigo County Drug Task Force. The book instructs those involved in drug enforcement work in the qualities, skills, and knowledge needed to be effective in drug enforcement work. Attention is given to investigative techniques and the complex interactions of undercover officers with the various persons and conditions of the various drug subcultures. Tips are offered on techniques for enhancing officer safety in the course of drug enforcement operations.


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