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Narcotic Drugs (Punishments) Act (From Current Swedish Legislation on Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances, P 7-9, 1997)

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The Swedish Code of Statutes includes the Narcotic Drugs (Punishments) Act; passed in 1968, the first section of the act defines a drug offender as anyone who unlawfully transfers drugs, manufactures drugs intended for misuse, handles in any way drugs intended for personal use, or sells drugs.
Other sections of the act mandate a fine or imprisonment for a maximum of 6 months for persons convicted of a petty drug offense and imprisonment for 2-10 years for a grave drug offense. Individuals can be sentenced to a fine or imprisonment for not more than a year for negligence with drugs. An attempt or preparation to commit a grave drug offense or conspiracy to commit a drug offense is punishable in accordance with Chapter 23 of Sweden's Penal Code. Property used to facilitate a drug offense can be forfeited, in accordance with certain provisions of Section 6 of Sweden's Code of Judicial Procedure.