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National Drug Control Strategy: 1996; Estrategia Nacional Para El Control De Las Drogas: 1996

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45 pages
In this report to Congress on the 1996 national drug control strategy, the President carries forward the policies and principles from 1994 and 1995, and describes new directions and initiatives to confront drug abuse and drug trafficking.
The five goals of the 1996 national drug control strategy are to motivate America's youth to reject illegal drugs and substance abuse; to substantially reduce drug-related crime and violence; to reduce health, welfare, and crime costs that result from illegal drug use; to shield America's air, land, and sea frontiers from the drug threat; and break foreign and domestic drug sources of supply. The first objective in countering juvenile drug abuse is to increase the number of State governments and community organizations that are participating in the development of national prevention standards and a national prevention infrastructure. The first objective in reducing drug- related crime and violence is to increase the effectiveness of local police through the implementation of community and problem- oriented policing, with a focus on youth and gang violence. The first objective in protecting the Nation against drug trafficking is to identify and implement options, including science and technology options, to improve the effectiveness of border control, particularly along the Southwest border. The destruction of major trafficking organizations through arrest, conviction, and incarceration of their leaders and top associates is the number-one objective for breaking foreign and domestic drug sources of supply. This report also includes a review of drug problem in America, an assessment of programs that work, and an overview of resources for implementing the national drug control strategy. Drug-related data are provided, along with the consensus reached on strategy components through consultation among Federal officials.