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National Drug Control Strategy Data Supplement 2010

NCJ Number
Date Published
May 2010
132 pages
The President's National Drug Control Strategy discusses the United States' efforts to combat the drug problems that plague American communities.
This strategy examines what is known about how to effectively prevent drug use, provide addiction treatment, and enforce the law against illegal drugs. Measures of various facets of the drug situation are compiled in this document as a reference on what is known about drug use and abuse, its consequences, illicit drug production and trafficking, and other related statistics. America is a diverse country, and many of these measures vary across regions, demographic subgroups, and specific drugs of abuse. Numerous measures are included in this companion volume to the National Drug Control Strategy. Up-to-date information is provided on the availability and prevalence of illegal drugs and the criminal, health, and social consequences of their use are vital to the implementation of the National Drug Control Strategy. Such information also is important for measuring the effectiveness of Federal, State, and local drug control programs. The Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) Reauthorization Act of 2006 defines ONDCP's reporting requirements, citing specific provisions of HR 6344 that address the contents of the National Drug Control Strategy. Data are available for many of the areas listed within this document; however, there are specific areas for which measurement systems are not yet fully operational. The tables presented in this volume contain the most current drug-related data on the areas the 2006 ONDCP Reauthorization Act requires ONDCP to assess. 113 tables and a list of acronyms