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National Law Enforcement Communication Network (NALECOM) Users Interface Guidelines

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53 pages
This document describes the NALECOM network's operational procedures, line protocols, message formats, configurations, and other features as presently conceived.
The NALECOM system is designed to provide for rapid interstate communication between criminal justice agencies. This communication is a combination of State-to-State communication, including controlled automated access of State-based files, and State-to-national communication with automated access of a central national crime data file. The States retain control over crime data and determine which data can be accessed. Regional switching centers will be used to facilitate network linkage, but no regional data banks are being considered. NALECOM is designed to serve the interstate and national communication needs of criminal justice agencies for the next decade. To be responsive to users and to be cost-effective, the NALECOM network is designed to be implemented in phases. The network is initially a two-region land line net which will later phase into a one-region combined land line satellite net. The regional switcher message handler functions are primarily network control, error recovery, and network operation status communiques. (Author summary modified)