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National Law Enforcement Telecommunications Systems - ORI (Originating Agency Identifier) Directory

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726 pages

This interstate telecommunications directory provides users of the National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (NLETS) with an organized and cross-referenced list of criminal justice agency addresses using the FBI's Originating Agency Identifiers (ORI's).


NLETS is a nationwide message switching system created to provide for the interstate exchange of criminal justice and related information. To facilitate this exchange, NLETS uses ORI's as addresses. This directory of ORI's should provide police and criminal justice users with the ability to easily locate an agency's ORI based on the name and/or location of that agency. One section of the directory, subdivided by State, lists law enforcement agencies alphabetically by agency name and by city name, if applicable, and by its ORI. Federal agencies in each State are also included. Another section also subdivided by State, presents an alphabetical listing of criminal justice agencies, with addresses and ORI's. Federal agencies are listed alphabetically with addresses and ORI's in another section. Finally, a section listing Canadian agencies by province, including addresses and ORI's, is presented.