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National Parole Board

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20 pages
After describing the historic origins of parole and its development in Canada, this booklet discusses the structure of Canada's National Parole Board, release types, parole eligibility, the release decision, supervision, suspension, revocation, the re-examination of decisions, recrediting remission, and pardons.
The development of parole in Canada is briefly traced from 1899 through 1986, with attention to significant parole legislation. The description of the National Parole Board covers its membership, organization, jurisdiction, and authority. The release types described are day parole, full parole, and mandatory supervision. The explanation of parole eligibility mandates addresses general eligibility and special parole consideration procedures for habitual offenders, dangerous offenders, dangerous sexual offenders, and lifers. Major factors in parole decisionmaking are considered, and hearing and voting procedures are reviewed. In addition to a review of general parole supervision, the booklet describes mandatory terms and conditions. The nature of and procedures for implementing parole suspension and revocation are described, followed by an outline of the procedures required for reexamining parole decisions, recrediting remission, and granting pardons. A table shows the time to be served before eligibility for various types of parole according to sentence.