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Nature and Extent of the Illicit Drug Problem in Missouri 2011

NCJ Number
Date Published
August 2011
46 pages
This 2011 report analyzes the illicit drug problem in Missouri, with attention to the prevalence of illicit drug use, the impact of such use, and the illegal drug industry in the State.
Perceived risk, emergency room and treatment trends, regional variance, and prevalence of use by children and youth are assessed for marijuana, cocaine/crack cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin/opiates, hallucinogens, and other illicit drug use. A significant impact is seen in the resources and effort expended by the criminal justice system to control the problem. In order to assess this impact, trends and types of drug arrests, criminal laboratory cases, juvenile court referrals, and incarcerated persons were analyzed. Marijuana is one of the most abused drugs in the State. In 2009, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services recorded 24,370 illicit drug mentions during admissions of Missouri residents to hospitals for medical treatment. Marijuana is used by all demographic groups in Missouri. Cocaine is a significantly abused drug in Missouri. In the diagnosis of 3,474 patients, cocaine was mentioned as a factor. Cocaine was a contributing factor for many persons seeking treatment for illicit drug abuse and dependency. Methamphetamine and amphetamine are often abused in Missouri. In the diagnosis of 1,839 patients, methamphetamine and amphetamine were mentioned as a factor in 7.6 percent of all illicit drugs diagnosed in 2009. Heroin use is also a serious problem in Missouri. Hallucinogens are abused in Missouri less than other illicit drugs considered. Illicit drug use has a major impact on Missouri's criminal justice system, although drug arrests in Missouri have continued to decrease since 2006. Missouri has a substantial illicit drug industry, which involves the exportation and distribution of illicit drugs on an interstate basis. 39 figures, 35 tables, and 19 references