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Nebraska Criminal Justice Directory

NCJ Number
B Ayers; B McCreight
Date Published
208 pages
This criminal justice directory was published by the Nebraska Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice to provide a comprehensive listing of key criminal justice personnel throughout the State and to promote the exchange of information among criminal justice system members.
The directory is divided into seven sections: (1) law enforcement--Nebraska State Patrol, Nebraska Attorney General, sheriff and police departments, campus police departments, and Federal criminal justice agencies; (2) corrections--Department of Corrections, Health and Human Services Protection and Safety Division, Parole Board, city and county jails, and juvenile detention facilities; (3) judicial system--Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, State court and probation administrators, Worker's Compensation Court, juvenile courts, child support referees, tribal courts, district courts, and county judicial officials; (4) education--criminal justice education programs and law enforcement training centers; (5) State Senators and U.S. Congressmen; (6) victim assistance and domestic violence; and (7) criminal justice organizations. Names, addresses, and telephone numbers are included in each section.