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New Craft of Intelligence: Personal, Public, & Political

NCJ Number
Robert D. Steele
Date Published
456 pages
This book is a reference on the future of global intelligence for government and corporate intelligence professionals.
The author’s message is to empower citizens and the private sector to gather and analyze intelligence so that they can make informed decisions in time to deter terrorist threats. He provides the background, methodology, contacts, and resources to demonstrate that Open Source Intelligence gathering is faster than relying on vast secretive government bureaucracies that work either in the dark or against each other. Understanding the world and its threats is the responsibility of every citizen. Part I discusses why 9-11-01 demands a new craft of intelligence. It explains what went wrong and why; the key aspects of intelligence; the core ideas in asymmetric warfare; the changing environment of intelligence; and past and present intelligence reform endeavors. Part II describes global threats and the mis-spent tax dollars of Americans. It discusses the global conditions favoring terrorism; plagues, toxic bombs, resource wars, and water shortages; an overview of global genocide; the four threat types and three strategic scenarios; and a common sense national security strategy. Part III details a new craft of intelligence. It provides information on the lessons of history from all cultural perspectives; web-based global coverage in all languages; creating a state-based intelligence community; spies, satellites, and secrecy in context; and new rules for the new craft of intelligence. 38 figures, 3 appendices, index