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New Drug-Free Workplace Act: The Complete Guide for Federal Contractors and Grantees, Chapter 3

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B Nogay
Date Published
4 pages
This chapter describes the Defense Department's regulations requiring certain contractors to maintain a drug-free work force and to implement drug testing for selected employees.
In its guidance on government-wide interim regulations implementing the Drug-Free Workplace Act, the Office of Management and Budget found that compliance with the Act fulfills other statutory requirements. All defense contractors must meet the requirements of the Act, and certain defense contractors also are subject to the Department of Defense (DOD) rule which requires random drug testing. While DOD was giving serious consideration to revising their interim rule to clarify that it supersedes any state or local laws prohibiting drug testing, the interim rule provided that drug testing programs would not apply when they were inconsistent with State or local laws. Unionized contractors with collective bargaining agreements that did not provide for drug testing were requested by DOD to make testing an issue during the next round of bargaining with the union.