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New Technologies to Keep Officers Warm

NCJ Number
Law Enforcement Technology Volume: 30 Issue: 2 Dated: February 2003 Pages: 100-105
Keith Strandberg
Date Published
February 2003
6 pages
This article describes the trends in law enforcement clothing and presents new items on the market.
The author explains that it is important that law enforcement officers wear clothing that allows them freedom of movement and keeps them warm and dry. The two main trends in law enforcement cold weather clothing are layering and new technologies/fabrics. Layering allows a degree of flexibility; not all officers experience cold weather in the same way. With layering, officers can add or remove layers of clothing in accordance with their own body temperature. However, simply layering clothing does not address all the needs of law enforcement officers. Clothing should keep officers dry and add a degree of protection from rain, blood, chemicals, and other fluids. One of the garments in high demand is called Under Armour and was developed for professional football players to wear under their gear. Under Armour is lightweight and transmits moisture away from the body. The author then goes on to describe several new fabrics and products currently on the market that are suited to law enforcement needs. One new fabric of note is called Crosstech, which protects against chemicals, wind, and water. Blauer is now making outer garments out of Crosstech fabrics. Other new products that are noted include a jacket by Flechheimer called the Ultra Duty jacket, which uses Gore-Tex fabric. The Summit reversible jacket by Elbeco Inc. is made of fleece and is lightweight. It is noted for its waterproof qualities. The ColdGear Hood is a hat put out by Under Armour that offers more protection than a regular ski hat. Light, comfortable, and versatile fabrics and products continue to be produced for the benefit of law enforcement officers, who require the newest technologies/fabrics to best perform their jobs.


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