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New Work for the Probation Services in the Courts (From Criminal Justice System: A Central Role for the Probation Service, P 66-75, 1989)

NCJ Number
C Stone
Date Published
10 pages
The roles that the Probation Services might play in courts in Great Britain are discussed.
When the relationship between the Probation Services and the magistrates and judges is strong, the British Government will be content and most offenders cooperative. But when the relationship is weak, the Government will begin to offer greater direction. To strengthen this weak relationship, the judges and magistrates must be persuaded that the Probation Officers share with them a basic set of beliefs, and the Probation Officers must provide careful and consistent work on a daily basis. Other ways in which probation services can be helpful are to provide information and a range of discrete services in the courts; to work with the courts to identify kinds of services that would fill gaps in the existing provision; and to provide individualized advocacy services at the time of sentencing. These goals should be incorporated into the training of Probation Officers, together with a thorough grounding in law and court procedures.


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