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News Media Relations for Law Enforcement Leaders

NCJ Number
Gerald W. Garner
Date Published
230 pages
This book provides information to law enforcement officials on how to become an effective user and consumer of the modern news media.
This book provides insight into how best law enforcement can work with the news media. Chapter 1 explores past troubled times but focuses on what cops and reporters have to offer each other. Chapter 2 defines news and breaks it down into some of its technical, component parts. Chapter 3 reveals the secrets for establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with reporters and discusses the absolute necessity for credibility on the part of the law enforcement leader. Chapter 4 assists the law enforcement leader in developing some common sense policies and procedures covering his or her agency's relations with the news media. Chapter 5 discusses the importance of an effective Public Information Officer (PIO), and the selection process and preparation for the key job of PIO. Chapter 6 examines newspaper journalism. Chapter 7 covers the all-seeing eye called television. Chapter 8 sounds out radio for what it has to offer. Chapter 9 looks at Internet news and examines what the Net can provide the police officer of today. Chapter 10 provides tips on how to give an effective interview. Chapter 11 explores how to write news releases that the news media will want to use. Chapter 12 teaches the art of leading a successful news conference. Chapter 14 prepares the leader for dealing with the special media challenges of a major crime scene, disaster, or other high-profile incident. Chapter 15 provides responses required to recover from an episode of bad news. Chapter 16 demonstrates how to bring to the public all of the good news that the agency generates, such as the importance of human interest stories and creativity. Glossary, bibliography, and index


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