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Niagara Parks Police

NCJ Number
Law and Order Volume: 38 Issue: 4 Dated: (April 1990) Pages: 38-42
Date Published
5 pages
The Niagara Parks Police, the only park police force in Canada, serves the 22 residents in its 5.5 square mile patrol area and a transient population of 12 million people who visit the Canadian side of the Niagara Falls each year.
With the vast number of people and cars in the area, it only takes a small percentage to keep the 20 regular officers busy. When it comes to crime in the park, the criminal element preying on the unsuspecting tourist is usually the problem. Besides pickpocketing and shoplifting, counterfeiting is a major problem. Because of its small size, the force does not have an investigative unit, but will send out plainclothes officers to pick up counterfeiters. All staff members are trained at the Ontario Police College and receive annual firearms training; however, officers have never had to fire a weapon in 30 years. In the summer, the staff includes 30 unarmed seasonal officers whose main duty is to maintain the safe and smooth flow of vehicles and pedestrians in the park. Niagara Parks Police provide security for the large sums of money collected at revenue-producing facilities and the two currency exchanges; investigate suicides and attempted suicides; escort a variety of VIP visitors; and routinely work with the Customs and Immigration Departments along the international border.