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NIJ (National Institute of Justice) Standard for Color Test Reagents/Kits for Preliminary Identification of Drugs of Abuse

NCJ Number
Date Published
14 pages
This standard establishes minimum requirements for color test reagent/kits used for identifying drugs that are commonly abused. It provides test methods to determine reagents' compliance with these requirements.
The standard applies to field test kits used for preliminary drug identification and does not apply to kits which use thin layer chromatography as the identification procedure nor the kits which identify drugs in body fluids. The standard is an adaptation of NILECJ standard 0604.00 for chemical spot test kits. It is concerned with single reagents (or reagent combinations) and provides definitions of centroid color charts and final color. In addition, it provides standard requirements regarding user information and data on labeling, workmanship, safe-disposal materials, and color samples, as well as data on test color and sensitivity and drug detection limit. A section on test methods covers general test conditions, test color, and sensitivity determination. A list of 11 reagents and a table providing final colors produced by these reagents with various drugs and other substances are appended.