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Ninth Special Report to the U.S. Congress on Alcohol and Health

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460 pages
This Ninth Special Report to the U.S. Congress on Alcohol and Health summarizes scientific work about the tools and techniques available to fully explore bio-behavioral linkages involving alcohol abuse and alcoholism.
Chapter 1 describes how using surveillance data gathered from alcohol sales information, U.S. vital statistics, and hospital records, alcohol epidemiologists track alcohol consumption and the potential drinking. Chapter 2 examines how geneticists are discovering the specific genes that contribute to risk for alcoholism and identifying the neurophysiologic, biological, and psychological factors that influence the relationship between gene product and drinking behavior. Chapter 3 provides findings on new pharmacologic strategies for preventing and treating alcoholism. Chapter 4 examines the links between alcohol-induced brain changes and alcohol-induced behavioral changes. Chapter 5 describes the deleterious effects on tissues and organs with consequences that include neuropsychological and reproductive abnormalities and increased susceptibility to infection. Chapter 6 explores the relationship between maternal drinking and effects in exposed offspring. Chapter 7 examines how alcohol use and abuse can adversely affect behaviors with serious consequences for person of all ages and background and for the health and well-being of society, including high-risk sexual behavior, family and marital violence, homicide, and suicide. Chapter 8 researches the role of economic factors as determinants of alcohol consumption and of various problems that often are associated with drinking. Chapter 9 reviews effective approaches to prevent social and health-related problems associated with alcohol use. Chapter 10 examines the development of specialized treatment approaches as part of the recovery efforts for alcohol abuse or alcohol dependence. Chapter 11examines the effectiveness of these interventions in real-world settings and characterizes factors related to organization, management, and financing that facilitate the implementation or availability of treatment. Figures and references