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Non-parametric permutation test for the discrimination of float glass samples based on LIBS spectra

NCJ Number
Journal of Chemometrics Volume: 24 Issue: 6 Dated: May 2010 Pages: 312-319
Erin McIntee; et al
Date Published
8 pages

This article reports on a study that determined laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) coupled with non-parametric permutation based hypothesis testing has good performance in discriminating float glass samples.



This type of pairwise sample comparison is important in manufacturing process quality control, forensic science, and other applications where determination of a match probability between two samples is required. Analysis of the pairwise comparisons between multiple LIBS spectra from a single glass sample shows that some assumptions required by parametric methods may not hold in practice, motivating the adoption of a non-parametric permutation test. Without rigid distributional assumptions, the permutation test exhibits excellent discriminating power while holding the actual size of Type I error at the nominal level. (publisher abstract modified)