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Offender Recidivism Report

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The Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services has developed a computerized statistical tool that provides data on offenders supervised by a correctional agency and subsequently reconvicted or resentenced to an agency of the Department.
The Repeat Incarceration Supervision Cycle (RISC) does not include individuals who are returned as a technical parole violator and subsequently convicted of a new offense. Nevertheless, RISC is more complete and sophisticated than earlier methods. RISC provides a 3-year followup on the number of offenders supervised and returned. A November report will track three groups: those who have received high school equivalency certificates, those who have graduated from college, and those who have completed vocational training in fiscal year 1985. Other tracking focuses on trainees in State Use Industries and inmates in groups with social workers. In addition, case management will be examined by analyzing samples of inmates who have received specific types of case management and those who have not. Data tables showing recidivism. (Author summary modified)