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O'Hara's Fundamentals of Criminal Investigation Eighth Edition

NCJ Number
DeVere D. Woods Jr., Ph.D.
Date Published
620 pages
Intended primarily for the beginning student in criminal investigation, this eighth edition of the widely used "Bible" of the fundamentals of criminal investigation authored by Charles and Gregory O'Hara intends to incorporate relatively recent investigative tools into the basic investigative structure laid out in previous editions.
Advancements in forensic science are featured, including practices of criminalistics, computerization, electronic databases, and the Internet. Part I, "Overview of Criminal Investigation," contains two chapters on methods of investigation and the investigative report. Part II, "Crime Scene Procedures and Physical Evidence," contains four chapters on crime scene procedures; fingerprints; impressions, trace evidence, and firearms; and care of evidence. Part III, "Obtaining Information," consists of four chapters on observation and identification; interview and interrogation; sources of information and missing persons; and informants, surveillance, and undercover assignments. The three chapters of Part IV, "Selected Property Offenses," focus on investigative techniques tailored to the following types of property crime: arson and criminal explosions, larceny and burglary, and economic enterprise crime. Part V, "Selected Violent Crimes," addresses investigative techniques for the following selected violent crimes: assault and robbery, violent death investigation, sex offenses, and drugs. The single chapter of Part VI, "The Investigator in Court," addresses the investigator's responsibilities in testifying in court. The "Additional Reading" section of each chapter has been updated, along with the glossary of useful criminal investigation terms. Extensive tables and figures and a subject index