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Ohio Criminal Justice Statistics

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82 pages
Criminal justice statistics for Ohio in 2010 pertain to crime and victims, law enforcement, arrestees, the role of the courts, the correctional system, and juvenile justice.
Data and information on crime and victims addresses trends in violent and property crime in Ohio from 2001-2010, and victim reports of their victimization. In addition to violent and property crime, data are provided separately for domestic violence, hate crimes, and crimes that involve prescription drugs. Based on the national victimization survey, data on victims pertain to the nature of victimizations, victim characteristics, and victims' relationship to their offenders. Data related to law enforcement cover the types of law enforcement agencies in the State, crisis intervention teams, officer feloniously and accidentally killed, officers assaulted, regional and statewide law enforcement initiatives, and law enforcement technology initiatives. Data on arrestees cover drug use among arrestees, drug-crime arrests, and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Information on the role of the courts in Ohio addresses the structure of the State's judicial system; specialized dockets; the roles of the judge, prosecutor, and defense attorney; and defendant's flow through the court system. Data and information on Ohio's correctional system focus on probation, community corrections programs, jails, community-based correctional facilities, prisons, recidivism, capital punishment, parole and post-release control, and reentry. Data and information on juvenile justice defines what constitutes a juvenile, juvenile arrests, and juvenile court and the unique system for juveniles. Extensive figures and tables