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Organized Crime, Sixth Edition

NCJ Number
Howard Abadinsky
Date Published
544 pages
This is a comprehensive look at organized crime and its control.
This Sixth Edition includes new information on traditional organized crime and a comparison of New York and Chicago crime organizations. Organized crime in Chicago is a separate chapter, describing the growth of today's "Chicago Outfit" from its origins in the Capone era. The book also includes new research on international crime groups as well as outlaw motorcycle clubs with chapters throughout the world. The book is divided into 12 chapters: (1) Organized Crime: Attributes and Structure; (2) Explaining Organized Crime; (3) Organized Crime: Antecedents; (4 and 5) The History of Organized Crime: Parts One and Two; (6) Organized Crime: Italian, Russian, Irish, Biker; (7) Organized Crime: Latino, Asian, Black; (8) The Business of Organized Crime: Gambling, Loansharking, Theft, Fencing, and Sex; (9) Organized Crime in Labor and Business; (10) The Business of Organized Crime: Drugs; (11) Responding to Organized Crime: Laws and Law Enforcement; and (12) Organized Crime: Committees, Commissions, and Policy Issues. Each chapter includes review questions. Notes, figures, references, indexes