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Patterns of Global Terrorism Report, 1996

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5 pages
This paper, prepared by the U.S. Department of State, presented information on international terrorism that involved citizens or territory of two or more states and described the widespread phenomenon of domestic terrorism aboard during the 1996 time period.
Terrorist threats and attacks have continued throughout the years to create increased concern in countries throughout the world. This paper was prepared by the U.S. Department of State as mandated by Congress to present a full and complete annual report on terrorism for specified countries. In compliance with this requirement, the Department of State submitted this annual report on the patterns of global terrorism in 1996. The incidence of international terrorism dropped dramatically in the last decade. However, the overall threat remains serious. The trend of terrorist attempts or attacks has become more vicious with targets of mass destruction, as well as the use of more powerful bombs. In 1996, terrorism by various religious groups for political purposes dominated international terrorism. Governments have condemned terrorism adopting a zero tolerance policy that has paid off with a decline in state-sponsored terrorism. The United States counterterrorist policy stresses: (1) make no deals with terrorists and do not submit to blackmail; (2) treat terrorists as criminals; and (3) apply maximum pressure on states that sponsor and support terrorists by imposing economic, diplomatic, and political sanctions and urging other states to reciprocate.