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PDR Guide to Biological and Chemical Warfare Response

NCJ Number
David W. Sifton
Date Published
415 pages
This Physicians' Desk Reference (PDR) book is meant to aid health care professionals in dealing with small or large-scale medical emergencies during a biological or chemical terrorist attack. It contains information for medical personnel on microbial agents or toxins concerning incubation, progression, prognosis, and recovery, along with hands-on-guidelines for decontamination and infection control; and includes indicated treatments including dosage, administration, and precautionary measures, plus highlights of supportive care.
This book contains concise overviews of 51 toxic warfare agents, followed by essential information on 52 antidotes, vaccines, and other therapeutic modalities are included. Clinical effects, treatment, and range of toxicity are topics addressed concerning biological agents and chemical agents, respectively. Use, adult dosage, pediatric dosage, administration, dose adjustment and precautionary information are included in the section on treatment modalities. FDA-approved package inserts are included for many of the antibiotics most likely to be needed during a biological attack. There are extended discussions of the anthrax and smallpox vaccines including dosing, contraindications, precautions, adverse reactions, drug interactions, and monitoring parameters, plus the vaccine's mechanism of action and place in therapy. Key references are also supplied. Medical safety, including types of protective clothing and sources for purchase, is discussed with an overview of precautions to be taken when confronted with a victim of biowarfare. Selected bioterror advisories from the Centers for Disease Control and the Department of Health and Human Services focusing on anthrax and smallpox are included. The book was compiled using monographs from Micromedia, Inc.'s toxicological database. PDR's database of FDA-approved prescribing information is the basis for the antibiotic information contained in this guide, with discussions of anthrax and smallpox vaccines obtained from DrugDex Drug Evaluations database. Antibiotic prescribing information is reproduced from FDA-approved manufacturer package labeling. This guide is intended to be used only by healthcare professionals in conjunction with clinical data.