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Peculiarities of Criminological Characteristics of Women Sentenced to Imprisonment for Child Support Evasion

NCJ Number
Internal Security Volume: 3 Issue: 2 Dated: July-December 2011 Pages: 241-245
Olga Shabanova
Date Published
December 2011
5 pages
According to statistics in the Republic of Belarus, 90 percent of women obliged to cover child care expenses are those who have incurred custodial sentences. The author presents dominating conditions and factors influencing motivation among women serving sentences in institutions of confinement and evading to pay child support.
The article shows the results of social-psychological survey of more than 50 women. Based on the analysis of survey results the author draws the conclusion that dominating conditions and factors influencing motivation among women refusing to pay child care and support are e.g. disturbances in the need and motivation sphere, increase of material expectations, reluctance to make any effort to support a child. Among the evading factors the author also mentions interpersonal relations in the parents' family, disturbances in the maternal need and motivation domain, alcohol and drug abuse, low level of education and welfare issues. The article emphasizes that the author has found the main directions of psychological correction of the above mentioned category of inmates: sphere of material expectations, child-parent relationships, change of family relationships model, need and motivation domain, overcoming and prevention of alcohol and drug addiction. The author arrived at the conclusion that practical use of the results obtained in the survey would contribute to effective functioning of the penitentiary bodies and organs as well as correctional and preventive effect of punishment, decrease of repeated commission of the above mentioned type of crime. (Published Abstract)