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Perfect Enemy: The Law Enforcement Manual of Islamist Terrorism

NCJ Number
Dean T. Olson, M.P,A., M.A.
Date Published
482 pages
This book provides information to all levels of law enforcement professionals on the threat and mindset of Islamic terrorism.
The book addresses the underlying politico-religious motivations that drive Islamist terrorism. It contains chapters that explain Islamist terrorism by describing the history of Islam and the Prophet Muhammad; examining the tenets of Islam and the ideology used to justify terrorist atrocities ranging from suicide/homicide bombings in Israel to the slaughter of school children in Beslan, Russia; and investigating the history of Jihad, the oldest and most successful international Islamist group in the world, and how this group has established an effective subversive apparatus in America that works tirelessly to dismantle democratic freedoms is described. The manual examines how, by including the practice of a "soft" form of Jihad, these groups seeks to destroy Western ideals and democracy with the goal of replacing them with a fascist totalitarian ideology to obtain world domination and the forced imposition of a seventh century politico-religious system of law. Also discussed is the radicalization process that can lead apparently well-integrated Muslim citizens to terrorism, including the Taliban and al-Qaeda terrorist groups. A summary of comprehensive information detailing the Islamist groups active within America and the dangers they pose to Homeland Security is provided. In addition, the Appendices contain an Arabic Name Analysis, Ritual Prayer-Salat, Jihad Holy War Verse in the Koran, Jihad campaigns in history, "The Last Night" letter by Muhammad Atta who was the leader in the 9/11 attacks, and an explanatory memorandum on the general strategic goal for the Muslim Brotherhood in North America. Figures, notes, appendices, bibliography, subject index, and name index


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