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Performance Measures of Effectiveness: A System for Assessing the Performance of the National Drug Control Strategy

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116 pages
The performance measures of effectiveness (PME) system, developed by the Office of National Drug Control Policy, is proposed for evaluating the effectiveness of the National Drug Control Strategy.
The PME system is designed to assess the effectiveness of the National Drug Control Strategy, to provide the entire drug control community with critical information on what needs to be done to refine policy and program directions, and to assist with drug program budget management. The PME system is a 10-year plan to confront drug abuse in the United States that can be most easily understood in terms of reducing drug use (demand), drug availability (supply), and damaging consequences of drug use and drug trafficking. The PME system's 5 goals and 32 objectives represent a comprehensive effort that encompasses drug prevention, drug treatment, domestic drug law enforcement, drug interdiction, and international drug programs. The PME system is a long-range plan that can respond to the changing parameters of the drug threat, and system elements can be modified as data reveal new drug use behaviors and effective drug control techniques. Further, the PME system assumes the pursuit of goals and objectives by both Federal and non-Federal entities will yield measurable effects known as performance targets, and 94 performance targets are identified that demonstrate the PME system's impact on drug use, availability, and consequences. In the area of drug use, the target is a 50-percent reduction by 2007 in the rate of illegal drug use in the United States compared with that in 1996. In the area of drug availability, the aim is a 50-percent reduction by 2007 in the supply of illicit drugs in the United States. In the area of drug use consequences, the target is a 30-percent reduction by 2007 in the rate of crime and violent acts associated with drug abuse and drug trafficking. Additional information is appended on the development of the PME system and performance targets. Endnotes, tables, and figures