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Philadelphia Municipal Court, Annual Report 1989-1990

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59 pages
This report describes the organization and operations of the Philadelphia Municipal Court, presents a statistical summary of taxes collected and civil and criminal cases, and reports the Municipal Court's new civil and criminal cases and dispositions for 1989 and 1990.
Tax collection activities of the Philadelphia Municipal Court totaled over $21,000,000 in 1990, a marked increase over the $14,000,000 collected in 1989. More than $1,000,000 was collected from the Municipal Court's Civil Division from court filing fees required on small claims, landlord and tenant cases, and private criminal complaints. Another $365,000 was collected from fines and costs imposed in criminal cases. At the beginning of 1990, 3,992 criminal cases were pending; 17,309 criminal cases were disposed during the year. The number of landlord and tenant cases disposed during 1990 totaled 19,508; the figure reached 43,404 for small claims cases. A highlight of 1989, the Court's Assistance to Seniors (CATS) program offers senior citizens the opportunity to file cases in their community centers once acceptable complaints are prepared.