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Police Academy, Cairo (Egypt)

NCJ Number
Police Studies Volume: 3 Issue: 1 Dated: (Spring 1980) Pages: 3-9
E A Mosallem
Date Published
7 pages
This report on the Egyptian Police Academy, which maintains colleges to train police at all career stages, describes the academy's organization, training and education offered, and objectives.
The Cairo Police Academy, founded in 1975 and serving police from many Arab nations, educates andd qualifies police, provides postgraduate courses, explores new crime-prevention techniques, does research, and maintains close relations with cultural agencies and foreign police academies. The academy contains colleges for 4-year degrees for recruits, specialized training, and officer development training, and presents a police officer training institute yearly. Moreover, the police academy supervises technical training centers and institutes offered to the police throughout Egypt. An academy board defines general academy policy and qualifications for recruits, nominates and promotes teaching staff, and monitors academy practices. The police academy functions as an independent system and presently (1980) consists of 4,000 students, 257 faculty, and 3,000 civilian personnel and policemen. Practice of management-by-objectives results in clear academy policy and better understanding among departments and colleges. Police work in Egypt is a popular career; the police academy, the only fee-charging university in Egypt, continues to attract many more students than it can handle. The academy believes police officers need courses fostering their social, behavioral, and personality development. Academy syllabuses, teaching and training methods, and staff are also discussed.