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Police Chief, Volume 78, issue 11, November 2011

NCJ Number
Police Chief Volume: 78 Issue: 11 Dated: November 2011 Pages: 1-83
Charles E. Higginbotham
Date Published
November 2011
83 pages
This issue contains eight feature articles.
Eight feature articles are presented in this issue: 1) Police Education and Training: An Intelligence-Led Future which highlights some of the most innovative education and training programs effectively used by local, State, and Federal agencies; 2) Establishing a Career Pipeline In Public Schools which discusses creating a template for a model school program to enable preparedness for public safety careers; 3) IACP Names New Executive Director, Bart R. Johnson; 4) Leadership Training for Police Recruits: Creating a Foundation for Professional Excellence discusses new formal and informal leadership training initiatives into the Basic Constable Training (BCT) program; 5) Total Integration of Executive Training and Higher Education: The Georgia Law Enforcement Command College which discusses a program to provide law enforcement with executive training as well as graduate-level course work in public administration (MPA); 6) NAMI and Law Enforcement Executives: Working Together to Improve Police Responses to People with Mental Illness discusses community programs that help law enforcement join forces with mental health providers; 7) Understanding and Helping Drivers with Alzheimer's Disease (AD) provides background information on driving behaviors affected by AD; and 8) Missing Incidents in Persons with Alzheimer's Disease: Current Research and Search Strategies discusses how best to search for a missing person with AD. Four columns are presented: 1) President's Message: The Year Ahead; 2) Legislative Alert: Senate Committees Pass FY 2012 Spending Bills; 3) IACP Foundation: Private Sector Lessons Translate into New Tools for Law Enforcement; and 4) Chief's Counsel: Internal Affairs, An Evolution in Organizational Culture?