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Police Chief, Volume 81, Issue 1, January 2014

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Gene Voegtlin
Date Published
January 2014
0 pages
In addition to featuring the 2013 Police Officer of the Year (Trooper First Class Timothy Strohmeyer of the Pennsylvania State Police), this Web-based issue of Police Chief contains articles on electronic stakeouts to counter property thieves; the minimization of police liability by clarifying conflicting police values; overcoming gender barriers in Federal law enforcement agencies; a case study of adaptive leadership; and "hot-spot" policing in non-urban jurisdictions.
One article describes a police agency's use of GPS tracking devices attached to various properties attractive to robbers and burglars, so that the location of stolen property can be tracked. Another article recommends providing all sworn officers with the philosophical tools and analytical skills needed to weigh value-based alternatives in the use of police discretion, so as to improve the ethical integrity of police behavior. Another article argues for using the influence and resources of non-governmental organizations for women in promoting gender proportionality in recruitment and hiring for Federal law enforcement agencies. An Adaptive Leadership model is presented in one of the articles. It provides a structure for thinking about and organizing for change in adapting to new challenges and trends. This is followed by an article that discusses hot-spot policing in nonurban areas, with attention to the behavioral practices of police officers within hot spots. The magazine's regular columns and departments address recent legislation, advances and applications in policing, highway safety initiatives, and products and services. The magazine's 2014 manuscript guidelines for Web-only articles are provided.