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Police Chief, Volume 81, Issue 4, April 2014

NCJ Number
Gene Voegtlin
Date Published
April 2014
0 pages
Articles in this issue address the work of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), distracted driving, Police Week 2014, the implementation of change, collaboration in plea offers, predictive policing, managing a police budget, the management of digital evidence, police research, officer safety, and changing attitudes toward sexual assault.
"IACP Working for You" is the magazine column that updates IACP's work. "From the Secretary: Enforcement Essential to Combat Distracted Driving" credits officers who have given drivers tickets for distracted driving. "Leading Criminal Justice System Change: The Critical Role of Local Law Enforcement" argues for the collaboration of all stakeholders in making large-scale change. "A Collaborative Approach to Plea Offers" argues for increased communication between law enforcement and prosecutors in discussing the rationale for plea offers under the circumstances of each case. "Predictive Policing" What It Is, What It Isn't and How It Can Be Useful" discusses the usefulness and limitations of predictive policing. "Using CompStat to Manage a Police Budget" focuses on the major role that CompStat plays in projecting police budget needs. "Outsourcing the Evidence Room: Moving Digital Evidence to the Cloud" argues for the use of the Cloud in outsourcing digital evidence storage to private companies. "Predictive Policing: Policing Understanding and Applying Analytical Techniques to Prevent and Combat Crime" helps police agencies assess the commonly used tools of predictive policing and their appropriateness for a particular jurisdiction. "Start by Believing: Changing Attitudes Toward Sexual Assault" reports on a public awareness campaign designed to provide appropriate community support for those who state that they have been raped. Other articles update product information for school security, the nature of reentry into the community after release from custody, and training officers on how to perform their duties in a democratic society.