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Police Dogs - Training and Care

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101 pages
This illustrated manual describes the acquisition, training, and care of police dogs to be used in patrolling, tracking, searching, evidence recovery, locating missing persons, and controlling rowdy crowds.
Obedience exercises are provided for following simple commands, recall and retrieval, redirection, and working under gun fire. Tracking exercises are designed to enable the dog to track over various terrains and surfaces, to give positive identification of finding articles, and to track increasing numbers of articles. Searching exercises include searches for articles and persons and of buildings. Finally, criminal training exercises are provided to ensure that the dog is capable of chasing and detaining an offender, defending the handler and itself against attack, disarming an offender, and guarding or escorting offenders after detention. Procedures for acquiring, breeding, kenneling, and caring for puppies are delineated, and breed requirements for alsatians and dobermanns are specified. Principles of sound kennel management and health care of police dogs also are outlined. Appendixes include guidelines for conducting large-scale organized searches, tests for assessing the effectiveness of training, and a syllabus for puppy training.


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