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Police Powers and Control in Hong Kong

NCJ Number
International Journal of Comparative and Applied Criminal Justice Volume: 34 Issue: 1 Dated: Spring 2010 Pages: 1-24
Kam C. Wong
Date Published
24 pages
This article examines police accountability in Hong Kong.
The HKP (Hong Kong Police) possess expansive and pervasive powers. These include broad and coercive criminal law power as well as onerous and restrictive administrative regulatory authority. Power attracts abuses. Currently, there is very little literature on HKP accountability. This article is about police accountability in Hong Kong. It variously investigates the prevalence and distribution of police abuse of powers and details the origin and development, structure and process, and problems and issues with complaints against police systems in Hong Kong, i.e., the Complain Against Police Office (CAPO) and Independent Police complaints Commission (IPCC). Tables, notes, and references (Published Abstract)