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Police Textbook for Dog Handlers

NCJ Number
B Tolhurst
Date Published
95 pages
A longtime police dog handler provides step-by-step instructions for training bloodhounds, labradors, and other dogs to trail humans in rural and urban areas, recover cadavers on land and underwater, find articles, and take part in arson investigations.
The guidelines emphasize the importance of staring training early, preferably when the puppy is 7 weeks of age, and in exposing the puppy to the environments and noises that will be encountered during police work. They also note that the problems that police dogs encounter in effectively accomplishing their tasks usually result from the handler's ineffectiveness rather than the dog's incompetence. The use of commands in American Indian language is suggested as a way of avoiding giving information to offenders close enough to overhear conversations. Instructions are also given on assessing the puppy's personality. Glossary