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Policing Online: From Internet Safety to Employee Management and Parolee Monitoring, Technology Can Help

NCJ Number
Law Enforcement Technology Volume: 31 Issue: 11 Dated: November 2004 Pages: 16,18,23
Rebecca Kanable
Date Published
November 2004
7 pages
This article describes Internet monitoring technology that is useful for children, employees, and parolees.
Internet safety is serious concern for parents of children who are online. Children are vulnerable targets for those with malintent. A product called Net Nanny can block obscene and objectionable material on the Internet. It can also record instant messaging programs, monitor Internet activity, and send daily e-mail reports to parents. Employers also want to make sure the Internet is used properly in the workplace. A product called the Stellar IM 3.1 allows employers to monitor the Internet usage of employees by monitoring instant messaging conversations and tracking Web site visits. Online real-time reports of employee Internet activity is available for supervisors and, if violations of Internet use policy have occurred, supervisors are notified immediately via e-mail. The final product highlighted in the article is called the NTA Stealth and is used by parole and probation officers to monitor the online activity of sex offenders. While on home visits, the officer simply places the disk into the parolee’s computer where it tests for past Internet Web activity and records the findings. The officer then returns to the agency where the information can be further analyzed. Through the use of monitoring technology, children can be kept safe from material and people they should not have contact with, employers can ensure their computers are used appropriately, and parole officers can monitor the online activities of sex offenders.