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Polish Population Data on 15 Autosomal STRs of AmpFlSTR NGM PCR Kit

NCJ Number
Forensic Science International: Genetics Volume: 9 Dated: March 2014 Pages: 142-149
Ireneusz Soltyszewski; Witold Pepinski; Paulina Wolanska-Nowak; Agnieszka Maciejewska; Regina Paszlowska; Monica Abreu-Glowacka; Wojciech Achrem; Anna Jonkisz; Arleta Lebioda; Magdalena Konarzewska; Rafal Ploski
Date Published
March 2014
8 pages
This study developed a comprehensive 15 short tandem repeats (STRs) database for a Polish population sample.
The findings indicate the Polish population has a minimal level of substructure. A conservative FST value of 0.01 would be appropriate when evaluating STR evidence. The National Research Council II Report recommended the use of Wright's Fst index for calculating the rarity of a DNA profile. This parameter estimates the degree of relatedness in a population and may be used to correct for departures from the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium (HWE) for a representative human population verified by appropriate statistical tests. The Polish population sample's STRs frequency distribution showed no deviations from HWE. These findings correspond to those presented by other authors who used AMOVA to reveal that most of the molecular variation in the Polish dataset is due to variation within subpopulation. Fifteen STR markers were analyzed in 2,041 unrelated individuals residing in 8 geographically different regions of Poland. PCR conditions were applied according to the protocol recommended by the manufacturer of the AmpFISTR NGM PCR Kit in PCR System 9700 (Applied Biosystems) with a total reaction volume adjusted proportionally to 10 ml. Electrophoresis and typing were performed in the 3130 Genetic Analyzer, and the data were collected using Data Collection v3.0 software. GeneMapper ID-X v1.1.1 software was used for genotype classification. A table presents the allelic frequencies and forensic efficiency parameters for 15 STRs in different populations of Poland. 1 table, 1 figure, and 18 references