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Principles of Criminal Law, Fourth Edition

NCJ Number
Harvey Wallace; Cliff Roberson
Date Published
386 pages
This updated introductory text presents the basic concepts and principles of criminal law.
Substantive criminal law is the study of human behavior. It is the study of specific crimes and an examination of the rules of human behavior and criminal responsibility. Criminal law is based on moral values, and many of the crimes are also violations of moral standards. This text is designed as an introduction to criminal law, and presents basic concepts or principles of criminal law in definitions, focus boxes, and practicums. The text is designed and presented in a narrative form to assist the student in understanding the principles involved in criminal law and the elements of the major crimes. While the majority of the text has remained the same, this addition added discussions on child pornography, the vertical growth in criminal codes, trafficking in humans, medical use of marijuana, RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act), new rules on self-defense, sexual predators, money laundering, Internet gambling, and high-tech stalkers. For the ease of manageability and cost, both the casebook and workbook have been placed online. Each of the 15 chapters contains an outline, learning objectives, and list of key terms. Notes, case, and subject index


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